GRP Composite Door Side Panels

side panel

Side panels use the same composite door frame for a perfect colour match. They are available glazed or with a matching composite infill panel.

Glazed panels are internally glazed and unless specified will automatically come with the same glass pattern as the main door, so if you ordered 3 Drop Diamond on Cotswold, the glass pattern in the side panel would be Cotswold. Glazed panels can also be fitted with the unique composite transom section.

Composite panels are a fixed size (466mm).

All side panels are fastened to the door using heavy duty 20mm aluminium coupling sections and then clad in PVC.

These can be glazed with any of the glass deigns available.

Door & side panel construction

- GRP compression moulded skins. Choice of external colour, white internal.
- GRP is commonly used for making boat hulls, such as luxury yachts like the Sunseeker.
- 100% CFC free polyurethane thermally insulated core. ODP = 0. GWP < 5


Glass Design / Colours Available

Side Panel Images

grp composite door side panel

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