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300 (306/261) Glazing Bar

For use with Twinwall and triplewall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets
in Pitched Roofglazing Applications


Rubber rafter gasket (Ref. 261). Should be nailed to rafters through the centre channel. Nails should be no more than 300mm apart.
Screw-on capping bar (Ref. 306), with 280G gasket fitted. Cap should be fixed down with screws no more than 400mm apart.
The cover strip should be push-fitted in place to hide and protect screws.
Aluminium right angle 'F' profile (Ref. 222) supports the sides of the glazing sheet and weathers the edge of the roof slope. Fixes to barge boards with screws 300mm apart. Use a spirit level to ensure that the sheet remains level.
Anti-dust breather tape (Ref. 4840). Use at eaves (gutter) ends of multiwall polycarbonate sheet to help prevent dust entry and allow condensation drainage. 25mm wide for sheet 4-8mm thick; 38mm wide for sheet 10-16mm thick.
Aluminium 'U' profile (Ref. 252). Covers and protects the anti-dust tape and gives a rigid finish to the cut sheet edge.
Sealing tape (Ref. 4810). Permanently closes the ridge (top) ends of the multiwall polycarbonate sheet. Should be used in combination with the 4840 breather tape referred to above. Widths as above.
Push-fit polycarbonate stop-end plate (Ref. 306EP) gives a neat finish.
Butyl flashing (Ref. 100/20) ensures a weatherproof seal at the ridge.


When installing multiwall polycarbonate sheet, we advise that you refer to the manufacturer's printed recommendations in relation to the ratio between the sheet thickness and width, the distances for glazing bar centres and sheet expansion allowances. When cutting sheet, ensure that at least one rib will be accommodated within the clamped rebate of the glazing bar. To avoid stress in the glazing sheet, you should not overtighten screw-on profiles.

We recommend the use of screws and bolts as other metals may fail through natural chemical reaction with aluminium. Such screws are available in the Easy Fit range and come complete with matching, coloured snap-on plastic caps.

Please note that the 300 (306/261) System can also be used to install glass or double glazing units.

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